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Welcome & Desired Outcome of the Day

First Session – Keynote speakers
Martin FarleyMaking labs more sustainable with the LEAF green lab standard
Cristina AzevedoWet lab sustainability. Who, what and how?
Hayley BeharrellProcurement and sustainable science: How are they linked and how can we influence?

Coffee Break

Second Session – Keynote speakers
Nikoline BorgermannHigh-impact green lab actions and how to get your colleagues on board
Cristina Greever & Star ScottConnecting Sustainable Scientific Research and Social Justice

Short Talks – University of Copenhagen Speakers
Tomas Refslund PoulsenClimate goals and challenges of the University of Copenhagen
Ann Schirin Mirsanaye – The power of local green initiatives: how to get started
Andreas Latif ‘Common procurement agreements’ as tools to promote sustainability
Asger L. Christensen Laboratory waste: where does it go when we throw it ‘away’?

Coffee Break

Panel Discussions
1. Dilemmas when purchasing greener products: does ‘green’ equal ‘more expensive’ and ‘reduced quality’?
Companies: Axeb Danmark, Merck, Sustainables
2. Equipment: what characterizes a greener product and how can manufacturers and lab users make a green difference?
Companies: Stirling Ultracold, Inniti, and Holm & Halby
3. Plastic: how can manufacturers, vendors, and lab users fight the plastic waste problem?
Companies: Saveen Werner, Kem-En-Tec Nordic, and DanDiag

Wrap Up and Information on Next Year’s Symposium

Informal Networking Sessions: Meet the Speakers

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