The symposium will consist of talks from international experts on sustainability in a research context. We are proud to present the following speakers at the symposium:

Keynote speakers

Martin Farley
Martin Farley is ‘Mr. Green Lab’! Martin has worked within the green lab field since 2013 and was the UK’s (and Europe’s!) first full-time sustainable lab specialist at the University of Edinburgh. He now works as a Sustainable Labs Adviser at the University College London where he has been a major driver in developing LEAF (Laboratory Efficiency Assessment Framework) which is a green lab tool developed for academic institutions.

Cristina Azevedo
Cristina Azevedo is an environmentalist, a scientist, and the director of the New Biopesticides Department at InnovPlantProtect CoLab in Portugal. After doing her Ph.D. at the John Innes Center in the UK, she worked for 14 years at the Laboratory of Molecular Cell Biology (LMCB) at University College London (UCL) where she was one of the co-founders and the head of the green task force ’LMCB Greeners’. Cristina is a very good example of a scientist successfully integrating sustainability and green efforts with research!

Christina Greever
Christina Greever was previously part of the Green Labs Program at the University of Colorado Boulder and she now works at My Green Lab which is an NGO in the US devoted to improving the sustainability of scientific research. Christina is first and foremost working with engaging scientists to implement sustainable best practices in the lab, but she is also digging into the topic of equity and social justice connections with the scientific research enterprise.

Star Scott
Star Scott has a background in wildlife biology and ecology, and she’s passionate about conservation, sustainability, and research. After a decade as a researcher, Star developed a Green Labs Program at the University of Georgia which she is still coordinating today. Star is a member of several working groups devoted to sustainable science, including the International Institute for Sustainable Laboratories (I2SL). In I2SL she is not only contributing to the work on landfill diversion, she’s also the co-vice president for the Georgia Chapter of I2SL.

Nikoline Borgermann
Nikoline Borgermann is a biochemist by training and an environmentalist by heart. She did her Ph.D. at the Novo Nordisk Foundation Center for Protein Research (CPR) at UCPH and is the founder of the local green task force ‘CPR Goes Green’. After a short postdoc, Nikoline left academia to become an independent value-driven green lab consultant, and she now works with companies and research institutions in and outside Denmark to promote sustainability in science.

Hayley Beharrell
Hayley Beharrell has been Environment Officer at Swansea University since 2017, implementing the corporate Sustainability Strategy via ISO14001. Hayley works directly with the Faculties to reduce their environmental impact, ensure legal compliance, exploit positive opportunities for sustainable change and develop innovative projects and plans. Prior to working at the university, Hayley was an Environmental Consultant in Qatar working on a variety of projects from Environmental Management Systems to contaminated land and marine surveys.

Internal speakers from the University of Copenhagen (UCPH):

Asger L. Christensen, manager and waste expert from the Campus Service of the Faculty of Health and Medical Sciences

Tomas R. Poulsen, manager and sustainability officer from Green Campus

Andreas Latif, lab procurement consultant from Central Procurement

Ann Schirin Mirsanaye, chair of the green task force at the Center for Protein Research, CPR Goes Green

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